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◎work on AC/DC 12V
◎Low energy comsuption:only 3W up to 120 lumen
◎color: white,Blue,Green,Yellow,Red
◎Life time:50,000+ Hours
◎Veiwing Angle:30℃or 60℃
◎size:2.09"H×1.97" Dia(5.3×5.0cm)
◎Package:each in a box
◎Ideal for indoor or outdoor with lampshade,where is
◎life up to 30 times superior than to the incandescent lamp
◎Reduction of maintenance costs
◎No emission of harmful radiation UV and IR
◎Decrease of electricity costs,here calculate:
  1000watts=1kilowatt(KW)=1 unite electricity
  Hourly Running Cost=Input wattage Kw×cost of 1KW
  If the cost of 1KW in your area is US$0.20 and operating hours is 10 hours a
day,then cost US$3.0 for   50W incandescent bulb,costs US$20 for
4W led lamp
cost    50w incandescent Blub                              4W LED lighting Blub
Day     0.05(KW)*US$0.2*10(hrs)=US$0.10         0.004(KW)*US$0.2*10(hrs)=US0.008
Month  US$0.10/day*30(days)=US$3.00             US$0.08/day*30days=US$0.24
year   US$3.00/month*12(Months)=US$36          US$0.24/month*12(months)=US$2.88
US$33.12 every year!